Isnin, 28 Mac 2011

The turning point of life

Life change can be difficult. It is not easy to change a lifetime of habits and thinking. Often times what precludes life change is coming to a turning point in your life.

What is a turning point?
A turning point is some point in your life where you make the decision that something must change and there is no going back to the way things were. One turning point in my life is when i am in semester 3 diploma. I was sad because of my studio result.
After i saw the result and spend time to cry and I realized what a reasons were and how I could change. I treat my self differently when i'am in semester 4.

realized what a reasons were and how I could change

Another turning point might be an illness. You are diagnosed with something serious and you change your eating habits or exercise habits.
Whatever it is, it must be something that is so significant in your life that you make a decision and you stick to it.
Why is a turning point so effective?
A turning point is effective because without it, you will not stick to your plan. It holds no more weight than a New Year’s resolution. With the turning point, the situation is so serious that it is change or die.
everybody need freedom in their life...

Let’s say that you come to a point in your life where you would rather not exist. You decide that, if it were not for your family, and your own values, suicide might be an option. You cannot stand your life and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that things must change. Since you are not going to commit suicide, you know that something else must change.
You decide that you will begin to see yourself or your situation in a different light and you will overcome it; since this is really the only other option.

Does it have to be so desperate?
No. It does not have to be a real change or die situation, but I will say that the point where you decide to bring change into your life must be serious enough that there is no room for backing out.
Can you think of a time in your life that was a turning point? We often have more than one in our lives, and they don’t always have to be negative. If you fell in love and married, that was a turning point. You decided that you had to change your life so that you could live with the person you loved and there was just no other choice in your mind.
If you are at such a stage in your life, here is my advice. If it is of a very serious nature, you should seek counseling. Don’t let yourself get so far that you are a danger to yourself. Next, understand that life can change. You do not have to be stuck where you are. Understand that the situation is not the end of the line, but can be the fulcrum point where life takes on new meaning and hope.
Many people have come to a point just like this and it was the catalyst for change. You can be one of those people. There is not reason why you cannot!
Take a few deep breaths and then imagine how you want your life to be. Use this turning point to become the creation you were meant to be. Don’t wait! Do something now!
Here’s to You!
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